Maurice Cooley
William A. Smith
Bishop Samuel R. Moore
Kim Lewis
Marcia Harris
Rev. Donte' L. Jackson
Chad Steen
Dr. Shari Clarke
Rev. Reginald Hill

What are they saying
A list of who's who applauds B4


"The B4 Program is the most impressive grass-roots youth 
development program that I have been associated with during my 
years at Marshall University. Enormous credit must be extended to 
the hard work and commitment of Team KRL who do what others only speak of doing. Our participating youth will surely prosper in life, 
directly as a result of these experiences and this is a great thing!"  
Maurice R. Cooley, associate VP for intercultural affairs, Marshall University
"I am thrilled for the city of Huntington and surrounding communities. Be Strong, Be Positive, Be Ready, Believe is a positive force for youth! This program provides the necessary skills and tools to prepare our youth to thrive and achieve success in life." 
Dr. Shari Clarke, vice provost for Diversity and Inclusion, Ohio University 
"Research is clear concerning the presence of a caring adult in 
the life of a child as a critical element for school completion and 
other quality of life choices. The B4 program helps our students to 
develop a vision for the future that includes high school completion 
and beyond. The B4 summer program is making a difference
 for many of our students who need an advocate."
William Smith, retired superintendent, Cabell County Public Schools 
"It's great that young men from our community have returned to give back. Team KRL B4 has shown our young people they too can be successful even coming from Huntington. I'm proud of these men." 
Rev. Reginald Hill
"Team KRL and the Marshall Recreation Center have successfully completed four B4 programs comprised of team building activities based on leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving, and
 effective communication. I see the relationship only growing even stronger because both organizations value healthy lifestyles and 
want to change the lives of those in the Tri-State, for the better."
Chad Steen, former assistant director, Marshall Recreation Center 
"TEAM KRL's B4 youth program is outstanding!  Investing in our 
future is a privilege and a great opportunity.  TEAM KRL inspired 
the youth as they led with passion. They offer great resources and support illustrating how to turn your dream into a reality. " 
Marcia Harris, YOUnique Life Skills, Time Out for Me, Inc., Portsmouth,Ohio
"In an era where our youth are aching for wholesome examples of citizenship, I thank the Lord for TEAM KRL.  Their selfless effort to foster an attitude of excellence among our young people is highly commendable. The staging of B4 is tactfully set on the beautiful
 campus of Marshall University where students not only have the opportunity to trek the grounds of a quality institution of higher education, but also have a chance to personally interact with real-life examples of success in spite of excuses and obstacles. These gentlemen are true heroes. I pray the Lord continues to prosper 
your efforts as compassion for His children flows through you." 
Bishop Samuel R. Moore, Full Gospel Assembly
"B4 is an excellent program for teenage youth combing character strengthening, with an informative approach from individuals who've excelled in their fields of practice from the streets of Huntington, to the halls of Marshall University, and into the world to become great contributors & representatives of this society! If you have or know young people who you want to place in an environment of positivity conducive for growth & greatness... B4 Camp is THAT place.
 Rev. Donte' L. Jackson Sr,. Pastor