After years of talking about doing something to help the Huntington area youth and months of planning, 
TEAM KRL launched the B4 (Be Strong, Be Positive, Be Ready, Believe) youth program at Marshall University's Memorial Student Center.
   TEAM KRL members Shannon KingDuane Rankin and Chris Layne talked to the kids about their personal experiences and how they became professionals. Marshall graduates Brandi Jacobs-Jones, who is Huntington's director of administration and finance, and Sean Hornbuckle, were featured speakers.
    The students were treated to a history lesson about Huntington. They learned about Huntington native Hal Greer, an NBA Hall of Famer, Douglass High School, which was an all-black school in Huntington, and Carter G. Woodson, who is considered the father of Black History Month. 
    Music producer Michael Crawford also did a music presentation on Day .1. The next day, we had a hip-hop competition with the winners receiving movie passes from the Huntington Mall and Marquee Cinemas. 
     The students also received free lunch both days. On Day 1, they ate at Marshall's Harless Dining Hall courtesy of Maurice Cooley. On Day 2, Little Caesars Pizza donated pizza and breadsticks.
     The kids were rewarded at the end of the program for doing well on the quiz about Huntington as well for how they conducted themselves during the two-day program.
     This was just the beginning. 
TEAM KRL member Shannon King addresses the students.
TEAM KRL member Chris Layne addresses the students.
Musician Mike Crawford provided a music lesson to the kids.
Students had lunch at the Harless Dining Hall at Marshall University on Day 1. Little Caesars Pizza donated lunch on Day 2.
Brandi Jacobs-Jones spoke the first day of the program about setting goals and how to achieve them.
Marshall University student Charles Meyers, a Huntington native, shows off the B4 volunteer t-shirts.
Students taking notes.
The students received a history lesson on the city of Huntington
Students listen to TEAM KRL member Duane Rankin talk about his life experiences.
TEAM KRL member Shannon King talked to the kids during a break on Day 2.
Rankin talks to the kids.
TEAM KRL member Duane Rankin addresses the students.
TEAM KRL member Chris Layne delivers his point.
Volunteer Teresa Crisp went old school in the hip-hop competition
Rankin tries to grab a quick bite to eat from the students.
Students enjoy the hip-hop competition
Students listen intently to message.
Students were awarded for  doing well on quizzes and their attentiveness during the two-day program.
Students interact during Sean Hornbuckle's speech
An Huntington native, Sean Hornbuckle talked about his childhood with the kids.
The program had students from Huntington High, Huntington Middle School and Enslow Middle School.
Student taking final photo of the day.
WSAZ NewsChannel 3 special on B4 program
   TEAM KRL returned to Huntington, W.Va. for the second year of its B4 (Be Strong, Be Positive, Be               Ready, Believe) youth program at Marshall University's Memorial Student Center.
   In 2010, only 16 kids attended the program. The next year, 52 from Huntington and Portsmouth, Ohio arrived for Day 1. The kids were treated to workshops, a music session, a black history lesson and a speech from the first and only black mayor of Huntington, Joseph L. Williams.
   WSAZ NewsChannel 3  did a feature story on the program and TEAM KRL founders Shannon KingChris Layne and Duane Rankin, all of whom are Huntington natives. It was top story of WSAZ 3's evening news telecast that day. Carrie Cline reported the story.    
   On Day 2, the kids took a quiz on black history and participated in workshops ran by Rev. Donte' JacksonChristina Caul-Jackson and Charles Meyers.
   Huntington native Scott Hornbuckle delivered a message about the importance of family and the journey he took to realize that. A Huntington native and Huntington High School classmate of King, Layne and Rankin, Hornbuckle is a pilot for Jet Blue.
   The kids then spent time at Marshall's new recreational center where the kids were taught the importance of team building and participated in several team-building tasks. After that, the kids had free time to play basketball, racquetball and football outside on the rec center's fieldturf.
    After playtime, awards were given based on participation, display of leadership and attentiveness. The top students received autographed items and roller gym bags. Each student received a TEAM KRL pin.   
    We're not done. Got to keep pushing.
A total of 52 kids participated in Day 1 of the B4 (Be Strong, Be Positive, Be Ready, Believe) youth program at Marshall University's Memorial Student Center.
TEAM KRL members Shannon King (with hat) and Chris Layne talk with WSAZ NewsChannel 3 anchor Carrie Cline.
Christina Jackson talks to female students at the program about how to fill out an application.
Rev. Donte Jackson of First Baptist Church in Huntington works with male students.
Marcia Harris (left) of YOUnique Life Skills out of Portsmouth Ohio talked with students about figuring out what makes you unique and using that to better your life.
Students talking in Cynthia Jackson's workshop.
Kids sporting various shades from Harris' workshop.
Students interacting.
The program had students from Hunington High, Huntington Middle School, Beverly Hills Middle School and Portsmouth High School.
Eight students volunteered to play a different beat on the keyboard.
Shannon King, Chris Layne and Duane Rankin prepare for picture taking.
Christina Jackson talked to the kids about how to send a letter.
Kids listen to Charles Meyers discuss the importance of study habits.
Jackson taught the kids how to tie a regular tie and bow tie.
Scott Hornbuckle, a Huntington native who is a pilot for Jet Blue, spoke to the kids about what's important in life.
The kids were taught the importance of teamwork at the rec center.
TEAM KRL members Duane Rankin, Chris Layne and Shannon King were in the same graduation class (1990) as Scott Hornbuckle at Huntington High.
Team photo
Award winner.
Award winner.
Kids leave the rec center to conclude the second and final day of the program.

 YEAR 5, JUNE 13-14, 2014
New look. Same mission. 
YEAR 1, JUNE 18-19, 2010
The Beginning


Better program. Bigger turnout. Biggest news of the day.
First year. Slow start. Lesson learned.
TEAM KRL Thank you video for Year 1 supporters
YEAR 2, JUNE 3-4, 2011
The Breakthrough
   On June 8, 2012, TEAM KRL founders Shannon KingDuane Rankin and Chris Layne returned to their hometown for the third B4 (Be Strong, Be Positive, Be Ready, Believe) youth program at Marshall University.
   A total of 62 kids between 6th and 11th grade from Huntington, Portsmouth, Ohio, South Point and Ashland, Ky., participated in the program that began with a prayer from Bishop Samuel Moore of Full Gospel Assembly.     Then Rankin talked to the kids about first impressions and the importance of eye contact. 
   Marie Redd followed with a speech about being a success and how to become one. In 1998, the Huntington native became the first black elected to the West Virginia. State Senate.
   After lunch at the Harless Dining Hall, the kids saw a video on the history of HHS. From there, Rev. Donte' Jackson (for boys only) of First Baptist, his wife Christina Caul-Jackson (for girls only) and MU student Charles Meyers headed up workshops about mentors, tools to success and understand science and math..
   King led a workshop on bullying and Layne discussed education in relation to what can be achieved with it.
   Day 2 began with the kids taking a quiz on HHS video. The top student received an autographed book from Doug Williams, who was the first black starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl.  
   From there, Rev. JacksonNichole Miller and Michelle Perdue led workshops. Jackson continued his talk about mentoring while Miller spoke about a debutante program. Perdue, who works for United Way River Cities, discussed the dangers of drugs and alcohol and a drug prevention program for Cabell County students.
    After lunch courtesy of Gino's Pizza, they participated in rock climbing and team building activities at MU's new rec center. Awards were given at the end of the program as the top students received autographed items and $25 gift cards donated by the NAACP Huntington Cabell-Branch
   Can't stop. Won't stop.
Still striving. Still reaching out.
Pastor Samuel Moore of Full Gospel Assembly provided the opening prayer for the 2012 B4 youth program at Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va.
TEAM KRL co-founder Duane Rankin talked to the kids about making a good first impression and the importance of eye contact.
Marie Redd, who in 1998 became the first African-American elected to the West Virginia State Senate, was a featured speaker on Day 1 of the B4 youth program. She talked to the kids about how to be a success.
TEAM KRL presented Mrs. Redd with an acrylic plaque.
Ladies enjoying lunch.
Fellas enjoying lunch.
There were raffle drawings for mini basketballs during Day 1.
Mrs. Jackson had a workshop with the girls about how to succeed.
Layne explains how having a high school diploma and college degree can lead to earning more money than those who don't graduate from high school or college.
Marshall University student Charles Meyers talked to the students about the importance of understanding math and science.
TEAM KRL co-founder Shannon King talked to the kids about various forms of bullying and how to handle them.
Students took a quiz on the history of Huntington High School.
TEAM KRL presented Michael T. Crawford, right, a plaque for his continual support of the B4 youth program.
The girls in a fun activity after Nichole Miller explained the debutante program.
Rev. Jackson addressed the boys on Day 2.
Michelle Perdue of the United Way River Cities talked to the kids about a drug prevention program for students in Cabell County.
Rev. Jackson gave the boys ties.
Attorney William H. Harding, a Marshall University graduate who works out of Charlotte, N.C., told the kids about his journey to becoming a lawyer.
Kids enjoying Gino's Pizza.
The kids enjoyed rock climbing at the Marshall University Recreation Center.
Kids were awarded for academic excellence, participation and showing leadership qualities.
Award winner with an autographed picture from NBA Hall of Famer and Huntington native, Hal Greer.
2012 B4 Youth Program -- Day 2
Establishing new brand of excellence.
2014 B4 Youth Program -- Featured speaker
   New logo. Same objective.
   With this being the fifth year of the B4 (Be Strong, Be Positive, Be Ready, Believe) youth program, TEAM KRL decided to change its look.               
   Huntington native Shanee' Moore designed new TEAM KRL and B4 logos to give us and the program a dynamic look. A total of 44 middle and high school kids participated in Day 1 that was highlighted by a keynote speaker who nearly committed suicide before earning two degrees at Marshall University, Lester Hicks.
   Huntington Mayor Steve Williams made a second consecutive appearance. TEAM KRL also recognized previous speakers such as Sean Hornbuckle and contributors to the program. 
   The kids learned the importance of volunteering as Goodwill Industries of KYOWVA Area, Inc., executive director Alissa Stewart led a workshop for middle school students. Rev. Donte' Jackson of First Baptist Church in Huntington talked to the high school students about how to approach job interviews. 
   TEAM KRL members Shannon King and Duane Rankin led workshops about poetry and video production. Then King, Rankin and the third member of TEAM KRL, Chris Layne, had a roundtable discussion about their childhood with Maurice Cooley, the Associate Vice President of Intercultural Affairs, as the moderator.
   Day 2 began with the high school students participating in mock job interviews with local businesses in the Huntington area whil the middle school students took a trip to volunteer for a recycling project through Goodwill. 
   After lunch, the kids particicipated in a series of team building activities at Marshall Recreation Center. Following those activities, the kids had free time to play basketball, rock climb and have a good time. 
   Day 2 concluded with an award ceremony. The top student, Orlando Williams of Huntington High School, received a framed picture of Florida State's national championship football team. 
YEAR 3, JUNE 8-9, 2012
Still Growing
YEAR 4, JUNE 7-8, 2013
Mayor Support
Going green. Getting stronger.
2013 B4 Youth Program -- Day 1
   In its fourth year, the B4 (Be Strong, Be Positive, Be Ready, Believe) reached a milestone in having the Huntington mayor speak at the event on Day 1 of the two-day event, June  7, 2013, at Marshall University.
   A total of 60 kids between 6th and 11th grade from Huntington, Portsmouth, Ohio and Ashland, Ky., came to Marshall where new Huntington mayor Steve Williams provided inspiring opening remarks. Then TEAM KRL founders Shannon KingDuane Rankin and Chris Layne awarded Huntington High student Tevin Thomas for taking the initiative to have a African-American history class be implemented into the school curriculum. 
   Rev. Donte' Jackson of First Baptist Church, his wife Christina Caul-Jackson and Marcia Harris of YOUnique Life Skills in Portsmouth headed up separate workshops about being men, women and having values.    The kids had free lunch provided by Marshall's Center for African American Students' Programs, which is directed by Maurice Cooley.
   The kids later watched a video on All-American wrestler Anthony Robles, who won a 2011 national title with just one leg. From there, Huntington probation officers talked about staying clear of trouble. After that, the kids participated in workshops headed up by King, Rankin and OLBH fitness manager Ryan Arnett of Ashland about making wise financial investments, making videos and living healthy through diet and exercise, respectively.
   Day 2 began with the kids taking a quiz about Robles as the top scorer won a copy of Robles' book, "Unstoppable" he autographed. They enjoyed free lunch from Gino's Pizza before participating in a campus-wide scavenger hunt in which they had to figure out clues and follow instructions as a team to finish the course. 
   From there, the kids were granted playtime in  the MU rec center. Day 2 ended with an award ceremony . The top student, R.J. Washington of Paul G. Blazer High, received a framed autographed picture of HHS grad and NBA player Patrick Patterson. B4 will continue to make an impact on the community. The best is yet to come.
Huntington mayor Steve Williams had the students stand up and participate when providing opening remarks for the 2013 B4 (Be Strong, Be Positive, Be Ready, Believe) youth program at Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va.
Williams with TEAM KRL founders Duane Rankin (left), Shannon King and Chris Layne (right).
Cabell County Schools Superintendent William Smith presented an award to Huntington High student Tevin Thomas for taking the initiative to request an African-American history course throughout the entire school year.
Rev. Donte' Jackson of First Baptist Church in Huntington, W.Va., addressed the high school kids about being a man.
Christina Caul-Jackson led a workshop for high school girls with an emphasis on the idea of being a woman.
Maricia Harris of YOUnique Life Skills in Portsmouth, Ohio, showed the kids these nine personal values for them to live by.
Marcia Harris delivers a powerful presentation at the 2013 B4 youth program at Marshall University.
Fitness instructor Ryan Arnett of Ashland, Ky., had the kids go through a series of exercises.
Shannon King offers advice to students on finances during Day 1 of the 2013 B4 youth program.
Duane Rankin goes over video instructions with students at the 2013 B4 youth program.
The kids each received t-shirts, calendars donated by, bookmarks donated by the Miami Heat and team pictures donated by the Los Angeles Lakers.
The kids took a quiz on Anthony Robles, an All-American wrestler who won a national championship with just one leg.
Rev. Donte' Jackson and his wife Christina Caul-Jackson shared a moment with their daughter.
Jackson and his wife brought the high school boys and girls together to talk about the idea of being a man and woman.
The kids were able to play ping pong and pool in the student center.
The kids spent most of the day at Marshall's recreational center They started their time there by working a hoop around a circle.
Easier said than done.
Say cheese.
Students pose for pictures during scavenger hunt at 2013 B4 youth program.
Right back at you.
King shares a moment with the students from Portsmouth.
Team photo.
Rev. Donte Jackson of First Baptist Church headed up a workshop for high school kids about how they are preparing for their future.
Alissa Stewart, an executive director for Goodwill Industries of KYOWVA, talked to the middle school kids about the importance of volunteering.
B4 volunteer Da'Neisha Garrett and a B4 student smile for the camera.
Past and present B4 students have lunch at the Harless Dining Hall on the campus of Marshall University.
A former football player at Marshall, Lester Hicks was the keynote speaker. He nearly committed suicide before turning his life around. He earned two degrees at Marshall and is now an engineer in Georgia.
Hicks and TEAM KRL.
The raffle winner won a LeBron James watch.
B4 alumni (from left to right) Lamar Thompson, Aerison Parrish, Dasia Kennedy, Tyler Mallory and Ciana Crawford talk about their first year of college with the students.
There was a mock job fair for the high school students on Day 2 of the B4 youth program June 14 at the Marshall Unversity rec center. Here Charles Meyers of Geiger Brothers, Inc., interviews a B4 student.
Michael Veazey, manager of the 16th Street Papa John's in Huntington and Keri Sewell, a manager in Ashland, Ky.,  interview a B4 student.
B4 students receiving instructions.
B4 student enjoying himself.
Academic winner
Each year, TEAM KRL honors the top three students of the program.
Big 3 winner
Top 2014 B4 students with TEAM KRL.
Shannon King of TEAM KRL takes picture with B4 students.
Team photo