Mission statement: The program is designed to inspire and educate Huntington area youth through various channels such as speakers and practical applications. It addresses the importance of setting goals, having aspirations and being able to achieve those goals/aspirations through clear and concise direction, hard work and unwavering dedication.

 Our students.  Our motivation. 
TEAM KRL started the B4 program in 2010 to motivate, educate 
and help youth from our hometown of Huntington, W.Va. 
Hear from them how B4 has impacted and changed their lives.



"Over the years, I went to KRL and I learned valuable lessons about establishing your goals, 
how to achieve your goals and how to make sure you always stay in the right direction and don't let distractions take you away from your main goal. I would like to thank Duane, Shannon and Chris
 for starting this program that has taught me so many skills to continue to succeed."

C.J. McCoy (2014 Huntington High graduate. Attending West Virginia University)
"Signing up for the B4 program was one of the best decisions I ever made. It showed 
me just what people from similar situations and backgrounds like mine could accomplish.
 It taught me things I didn't learn in school, one of the most useful being the job interview 
process. The B4 program also introduced me to some new friends, which I greatly appreciate. 
I'd just like to thank Shannon, Duane, and Chris for putting together an outstanding program.
 I hope B4 becomes an even greater success in the years to come."

Zachary Christian (2016 St. Joseph Central Catholic High School, Attended Washington & Lee)

"The B4 program teaches you that no matter where you're from, you can make 
something out of yourself and to let nothing hold you back. It not only teaches
 you what a leader is, they teach you how to be a leader yourself."

Orlando Williams (2016 Huntington High School graduate. In the Air Force)
"There aren’t many programs that encourage the youth in Huntington.  There are times 
where some students may never hear encouragement or be told how important they are and how
 important they can be.  B4 is a program that helped me not only believe that, but act upon it.  I was lucky enough to grow up with parents who had high expectations for me, but it was different coming from Shannon, Duane, and Chris.  I was pushed on a level that I had never been pushed on before: encouragement and belief. I’m thankful for the program they’ve started and how passionate 
and committed they are to each and every student they meet."

Ciana Crawford (2013 Huntington High graduate. 2018 Marshall University graduate)
"I was a part of the B4 program for two years, and always loved it. It showed me what 
I needed to do in my life in order to be successful. Being a member of Team KRL has helped 
me to develop important life skills that I hadn't learned anywhere else, and the lessons I Iearned
 and skills I have attained as a result have shaped me into a more confident leader among my peers. 
 Even to this day, I remember the wisdom and knowledge I gained through the program, and 
use these strengths in my school and everyday life."

Alesha Lewis (2017 Chapel Hill High School graduate, Tyler, Texas)
"Deciding to participate in the B4 Program was a key moment for me in going into high school. 
It taught me how to go out and introduce myself first rather than waiting for people to introduce
 themselves to me. It showed me the importance of first impressions and dressing for success. It's a program that every year you attend you are going to get something that can better you as you prepare 
for college, a job interview, or just everyday interactions with people you've never met.  It's something
 that I always want to be a part of in any way I possibly can because it truly helps you prepare and I
 can't even begin to describe the effect that it has had on me."

Derek Rankin (2015 Huntington High graduate. Joined National Guard)
"I learned many techniques that helped out of the classroom. It taught me how to take a goal or
 dream and how to set out to make them possible and to achive the goal. One of the life lessons they 
taught me was that it doesn't matter where you come from or how you start, but how you finish. The B4 program helped me see how to interact wiht others in a professional manner. They showed me the importance of getting an education to help me make something of myself. I'm in my fourth year of college and participating as a leader in both track and my fraternity, and feel that my participation in the B4 program helped me to be confident and know what I needed to do to be successful."

Lamar Thompson (2013 Huntington High graduate. 2017 West Virginia Wesleyan graduate)

"The B4 program has been a great help to me throughout high school. The program teaches you 
many qualities of a good person and how to be successful in life. They teach you about goal setting
 and how to reach your goals with smaller goals along the way. One thing that stuck with me is how 
genuine the staff is. They want the best for each individual person and they let that be known."

Mason Moore (2018 Huntington High graduate. Attending Marshall University)