B4 2018 -- Day 1
B4 2018 -- Better handle on heroin epidemic
YEAR 9, May 25-26, 2018
A near decade of dedication
Hometown doctor blesses B4 program in Year 9.
As the B4 youth program draws closer to its 10th year, it continues to address hot button issues. This year's workshops dove into violence in schools and heroin remaining in epidemic in Huntington. There was also a video quiz on 2018 Pro Football HOF inductee Randy Moss and a engaging speech from Dr. Telly Meadows, a cardiologist from Huntington.
1. Violence in schools
Huntington native Nicole Jackson and TEAM KRL's Shannon King talked with middle school students about violence in schools while Huntington native Scott Hornbuckle, a pilot for Jet Blue, spoke with high schoolers about women having equal footing with men.
2. Epidemic
Training officer Scott Ramey of the Huntington Fire Department talked with the students about the heroin epidemic in the city while Khaleta Chambers introduced them to Young WV, an organization designed to give young people a voice in their community.
2018 Huntington High graduate Shariya Moss participated in the B4 program.2018 Huntington High graduate Anson Fykes participated in the B4 program.2018 Huntington High graduates Anson Fykes and Mason Moore participated in the B4 program.2018 Huntington High graduate Shymeik Burger participated in the B4 youth program2018 HHS graduate Malik Grier participated in the B4 youth program.2018 HHS graduate Quashawn Thompson,with his younger brother Antonio, participated in the B4 youth program.B4 alumni Derek Rankin and Orlano Williams attend the 2018 Huntington High School graduation.American Dream Movement leader Charles Meyers takes picture with two of his students in Fykes and Malik Brown, who also participated in the B4 program.Several HHS graduates participated in the B4 program over the years.The 2018 B4 youth program began May 25 at Marshall University.The high school students participated in the workshop about equal footing for women in all walks of life.The students were challenged to think about how women are treated and viewed in today's society.Scott Hornbuckle led the workshop on female empowermentA Huntington native, Hornbuckle is a pilot for JetBlue.The B4 program has workshops to give students more individual time with speakers.Marshall University provides usage of the student center so B4 can have workshops in various rooms there.The middle school students participated in a workshop about violence in schools.The middle school students shared feelings as they learned what can lead to violence in schools. The B4 program consists of feaured speakers and workshps on hot button issues on Day 1. TEAM KRL views Day 1 as a day of learning lessons that can carry you now and later in life.Students from West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky participate in the B4 program.
B4 2018: Team building
3. Dr. Meadows
Huntington native Dr. Telly Meadows, a cardiologist based in North Carolina, talked to the students about the importance of taking care of your heart at an early age to avoid later complications.
B4 2018 -- Team Building champions
4. Team challenge
The students were broken into groups and participated in
team building exercises designed to have them work together,
but have leaders emerge. This has become a staple of the
B4 youth program at the Marshall Recreation Center.
2018 HHS Graduation/Day 1 photo gallery
American Dream Movement leader Charles Meyers, along with B4 alumni Orlando Williams, Anson Fykes and Malik Grier, show support at the 2018 B4 (Be Strong, Be Positive, Be Ready, Believe) youth program at Marshall University Recreation Center.Jevon Cabell and Ravyn Goodson participate in Day 2 the 2018 B4 youth program.Day 2 involves team building at the Marshall Rec Center. Amara Jackson competes in team building activities. Mikey Johnson tries to keep his balance on the beam at the B4 program.Teaja Jones and McKinley McClure have fun at the program. Kyanni Ferguson focuses on the task at hand.Nevaeh Cooper, center, and her team look to shine in team building competition.Ella Giles preparing for a team building activity.Camryn Veazey and DestinyJones look to complete team building activity.Jodee Powell looks on during team building acitivities. Tiequell Johnson looks eager for next team building activity. Maya Barlow active in team building session.Aailyah Sheffield climbs rock wall during free time of B4 program.The rock wall at the MU Rec Center is one of the most popular aspects of the B4 program.MU Rec Center director Chad Steen watches students climb the wallMarkayla Moore woud up being the top student in the 2018 B4 youth program. Dr. Telly Meadows, a cardiologist in North Carolina who is from Huntington, talks to the students during Day 2 of the B4 proram.Amaia Davis listens to Dr. Meadows on Day 2 of the B4 youth program.Dr. Meadows shared knowledge about the heart and explained why kids should take care of it now to avoid health issues later. 2018 Team building champions.
Day 2 photo gallery
B4 2018: Keep going, keep climbing
B4 2018: Dr. Telly Meadows
B4 2018: Heartfelt lessons