B4 2019 -- "I was born to do this."
B4 2019 -- Team 1-2 with Jarrod West Jr. 
May 31-June 1, 2019
TEAM  KRL celebrates 10 years of the B4 program.
The 10th B4 youth program was a celebration of something that has changed the lives of kids in Huntington Tri-State area. Rick Hightower talked about sculpting Huntington legend Hal Greer Jr. The workshops addressed dealing with loss, female identity, and avoiding pitfalls. The kids also interviewed Marshall basketball player Jarrod West Jr. and had team building. 
1. Huntington immortal
Frederick Hightower talked to the kids about sculpting Huntington native Hal Greer, the first African-American scholarship athlete at Marshall University. There were also workshops addressing dealing with loss, female identity and pitfalls in life in the drug game.
2. Lights, camera, action
The middle school kids produced a video segment in which they interviewed Jarrod West Jr. after having a press conference with the Marshall Thundering Herd standout basketball player. The students also wrote a story about West Jr. on campus.
Frederick Hightower talks to kids about his love for sculpting.
Students share moment with Hal Greer sculptor Frederick Hightower.
TEAM KRL poses with Frederick Hightower and his sculptures of a mountaineer, Hal Greer and Katherine Johnson.
TEAM KRL member Duane Rankin conducts press conference with B4 students and Jarrod West Jr..
Rankin talks to students about press conferences.
Jarrod West Jr. had a press conference during the B4 program May 31 at Marshall University.
West fielded questions from middle school kids at B4 Youth Program.
Jarrod West Jr. is a starting guard at Marshall University.
Students writing story about Jarrod West Jr. at Parthenon newsroom.
Students writing story about Jarrod West Jr. at Parthenon newsroom.
Students writing story about Jarrod West Jr. at Parthenon newsroom.
Getting ready.
Mike Stanley leading control room.
Interviewing Jarrod West Jr.
Working the control room.
Behind the scenes
Working the camera
Talent getting ready for interview with Jarrod West Jr.
Students writing story about Jarrod West Jr. at Parthenon newsroom.
Cake celebrates 10th B4 program.
B4 2019: Team 3-4 with Jarrod West Jr.
3. New program
Huntington native Will Hargis talked to the kids about a STEM program that's set to ignite at A.D. Lewis Community Center that can lead to very powerful career opportunities.
B4 2019 -- Team building
4. Team challenge
The students were broken into groups and participated in
 team building exercises designed to have them work together, 
but have leaders emerge. This has become a staple of the 
B4 youth program at the Marshall Recreation Center. 


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